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Musick Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Associates

At Musick Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Associates, we know that the struggle for people dealing with mental health problems can be overwhelming. People experiencing hurt, frustration, pain, confusion, anger, and isolation caused by mental health issues are desperate for solutions. They are real. They want to enjoy a sense of well being that allows them to participate fully with those they love, respect and admire. They want to enjoy a life free of excessive worry, mood and behavioral issues, obsessions, compulsions, trauma and more. They need to be heard and understood. And that starts with developing an excellent working relationship with a mental health physician to help them manage their emotions and related symptoms.

Musick Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Associates offers respect and compassion coupled with effective solutions and comprehensive treatment for adults and adolescents searching to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, emotional and behavioral issues, substance abuse and other psychiatric related conditions. We seek to assist those in need of optimizing their mental health through psychotherapy, medication, emotional growth and behavioral therapies so that they may live their life fully in a more positive and meaningful way.

We specialize in commonly treatable conditions which include: